Reinforcement flashing bars

Reinforcement flashing bars

The company supplies a variety of reinforcement flashing bars that are folding by the automated and hand-folded reinforcement folding machine. Are used the automatic folding machine with 6-12 mm diameter fixtures and hand-folding machine with 10-36 mm fixtures. A big choice of folding forms.

The most popular reinforcement flashing bars’ folding options

The most popular reinforcement folding options Diameter of reinforcement Min./max. dimensions
Lankstai1 Ø6… Ø12 bmin/max=140 mm/1500 mm
hmin/max=140 mm/1500 mm
Lankstai2 Ø6… Ø12 dmin/max=140 mm/1500 mm
Lankstai3 Ø6… Ø12 bmin/max=150 mm/1500 mm
hmin/max=24 mm/50 mm
Lankstai4 Ø6… Ø12 dmin/max=140 mm/1500 mm
Lankstai5 Ø6… Ø12 bmin/max=100 mm/1500 mm
hmin/max=150 mm/12000 mm
Lankstai6 Ø6… Ø12 bmin/max=50 mm/1500 mm
hmin/max=50 mm/6000 mm
Lankstai Ø6… Ø12 bmin/max=300 mm/1500 mm
hmin/max=300 mm/1500 mm
cmin/max=100 mm/1500 mm


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